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We promised you some exciting news earlier, but first a little background...

As you may know, it has been a difficult time for NemesiS over the past year, with line-up changes etc meaning that we haven't been able to do as many shows as we would have liked, and also meaning that we had to put the release of our EP on hold for a while until things settled down and became a little more stable.

We are now very happy to say that NemesiS has turned a corner and has a brilliant new guitarist in the shape of Bryce Hanson. We are writing some amazing new music and have loads of shows coming up. This truly is a very exciting time for the band and we sincerely hope that you will be there on this mad journey with us!

To mark this moment in our history, we have released a limited run of CDs featuring 5 of our favourite songs from the past incarnations of the band. These are very limited and will not be produced again as they mark a turning point for us, and serve as a "wrapping up" of the past.

Speaking of the past, we would like to sincerely thank everyone who has been part of, helped, promoted and generally been awesome in the past incarnations of NemesiS. We truly believe that it is the past that shapes what we do, and without you we wouldn't be who we are today.

Here's to an amazing time ahead.


limited edition CD'S £5 Each + P&P

Email: sussexrockband.gmail.com


Preloaded with the limited edition Nemesis album

limited edition SNAPBAND £10 Each + P&P

Email: sussexrockband.gmail.com